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Healthbuild Ltd. ceased trading on 31 December 2023. The directors / owners Wilhelm Bodewigs and John Callinan intending retirement.
We thank all clients for their continued interest in Healthbuild's projects and presentations in Ireland. It has been a privilege to present ecologically forward thinking products and concepts in Ireland for many years.
Wilhelm Bodewigs t/a Building Biology Services, 085-7704331 will continue in 2024. Dormiente mattress orders will be served at prices valid in 2022/23 until new traders are in place.

Healthbuild, established in 1989, is committed to ecological building products and services with a special view to health and low energy design in manufacture, distribution, usage and re-integration.

Healthbuild provide products with outstanding innovative properties which are samples of excellence in their field..

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Healthbuild’s services aim to provide healthier buildings overall with the priority of creating a balanced indoor climate. Surface treatments in vibrant colours, gentle and effective wood treatments and a wide range of consistently natural products from world leading, zero carbon approved AURO AG are sample of excellence to this concept.

Our services include addressing physical and chemical problems within living environments, balancing humidity, dealing with unhealthy mould and the avoidance and elimination of electro-magnetic fields in living areas. The recent promotion of questionable “low energy” light sources is addressed by our examination of the natural light spectrum, electro-smog and indoor pollutants.

Special attention is drawn on the careful planning and design of bedrooms and beds as they are a vital place for rejuvenation and regaining energy for our everyday lives. Healthbuild and partners are providing extensive displays for the demonstration and orthopaedic test of natural mattresses.

As planning consultants, Healthbuild has been instigating and participating in EU funded research and demonstration projects for Sligo Corporation on Low Energy Design in Urban Design and Transport.

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